Aiuchi Jiu Jitsu is a non-profit organisation. We are proud to to offer access to a martial art at a very competitive price.


That said, all our instructors are extremely experianced and offer their time to teach free of charge.


However, running the association and clubs does have some inherent costs to ensure that it can operate succesfully - hall fees, insurance, website hosting fees, judo mats, training weapons, first aid materials, DBS registration.


Your first session is free of charge, so you can come and try us out.


After a few sessions and you have decided to continue with us, we will ask for the yearly fee, but it will be scaled to the time you start. We noramlly take this at the beginning of the year.


We only charge you for the sessions you attend. There is no debit requirements.




Each session is £6

plus a once yearly fee of £20


Here are some other optional costs that you may incur during your time with Aiuchi:


Gis (training outfits): typically £20 depending on your size.


Gradings: £10 - £20, depending on the number of people grading and where it is. Gradings to brown or black belts cost a little more.


Membership books: £15. These are needed for your second grading onwards.


National courses: £5 - £20, depending on location and type of course.